Aust Ch On The Spot Flower Child

13.11.85- 22.6.99
Krystal the foundation bitch of Krystaway Dalmatians.
Sire: Ch Chardson Cheque Etcher
Dam: On The Spot Moonlit Flit

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We first saw Krystal as a five week old puppy, marching boldly around her sleeping brothers and sisters in two cardboard boxes that were taped together.  It was her self assured attitude that attracted her to us for we knew nothing about dalmatian standards nor glossaries of terms with which we may have verbalised those features which one would attribute to a quality dalmatian puppy.  She was a Christmas present and in 1985 we first entered the world of dogdom and the life of the dalmatian, characterized by their ceaseless affection and athleticism.


We had researched many breeds but finally settled on the dalmatian as we had read about their affinity with horses and as horse owners subsequently came to witness that special relationship first hand.  Sue Stanojevic, a breeder with the prefix 'On The Spot" had bred a litter using Jane Magee's dog 'Hans' Ch Chardson Cheque Etcher.  We decided to show Krystal and to our surprise and delight she won a class of 3 baby puppies at her first show and we were hooked from that moment.  It was at that show that we met Paul Aston-Meehan (Dalriant) who approached us in his memorable maroon flares (they are back in!) and offered to purchase Krystal.  We humbly declined.  Krystal went on to achieve her Ch title at 15 months, no mean feat with the high quality if dalmatians showing at the time.

Krystal is behind all our dogs and bitches and we can see features attributable to her in all our breeding.  Along the way we had many memorable moments with her, watching her sink to the bottom of the swimming pool as a pup - we wanted to see if she could swim, watching her fight a wombat in vain only to contract 'wombat mange', coming home to find she had single handedly killed the roost of champion bantams that we owned, watching her rule the yard with an iron paw and her grace and power  as she ran along behind the horses, intermittently falling centimetres behind their hooves.  As she grew older her sight began to fail and her superb condition began to fall away.

Birthdays are supposed to joyous occasions, but sadly, Krystal died on Rob's birthday, 22nd June, 1999.  A consistent show bitch winning multiple group and class in show awards, she was one of the last 'On the Spots'  She can never be replaced but will always be remembered.  We can still see her running with the horses as though it was a moment ago.

Krystal, Grandmother Pig (yes- she loved eating), Great Grandmother Cleo, and Sire Hans


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